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 Slender Series Review

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PostSubject: Slender Series Review   Fri Jul 12, 2013 6:23 am

There are so many games in the Slender Series that I will just do a review on the whole thing. And yep, slender games are very scary.

Since this game doesn't have many of the topics I look for in a review, I am just going to do a review on the whole thing.


So, slender is a game where you are being stalked by this mythical creature named slender man. He uses teleportation and teleports to places that scare you very much. Slender has a very scary background music which spikes when the game spikes, adding to the experience. One second you look behind and he is right behind you, next second you look back he is gone. That makes you go like what now O_O?. It is hard to judge many things with slender series, eg. scenery, because there is more then one game. There is a slender game named Slender, The Arrival, and it costs around $9 I think, but the game and the graphics are superb. The original slender game, Slender The Eight Pages is very scary, but the graphics are no where as neat as Slender The Arrival's.

So overall, slender are a very scary horror game, and may make you loose a night or two sleep, but it is an experience. Many people are too scared of the game even to play it, but I recommend it.
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Slender Series Review
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