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 Stickman Game Review

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PostSubject: Stickman Game Review   Fri Jul 12, 2013 6:19 am

Now, there are many games named stickman, but I am going to be reviewing just one of them.

Game Name: Stickman

Game Link:

I am going to do just one paragraph instead of all of the criteria of a review, because stickman doesn't fit into many of them.
Anyhow, this game is an action game, and you are a stickman fighting other stickmen. Not much of a story line, eh? Either way, the only reason I am reviewing this game here is because I started playing it, and started thinking that how on Earth will I make a review on this. It's all scruffy and all, and hardly fits into any of the criteria. So, I thought that, but somehow uncontrollably I kept playing. The game got me hooked.

Even though the game was addictive, it was no where near to being a very neat game, and had much to work on. If they ever read this (they won't, don't worry :3) I have a few tips for them (just a few tips, I am not dissing you or anything);

Scenery; This games scenery was awful. The graphics look like they were created in around five minutes, ten max. I am sure you could have tried harder on the scenery.

Story Line; Maybe whoever made this could have added a story line. Like a flashback video at the start of the game or something.

This game is addictive as I experienced, but could have been made quite a lot better.
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Stickman Game Review
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