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 Jailhouse Escape Review

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PostSubject: Jailhouse Escape Review   Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:05 am

"I'm stuck in this jailhouse. Will I ever get out? It's time to find out."
Game: Jailhouse Escape
Type: Physics Puzzle Maker
Maker: Dudki

Pre Thoughts:
I really enjoy Dudki's games and I anticipate a fun mini game. Looking at the thumbnail it looks as a platformer styled game by the platforms and a character, but the graphics and layout shown make me think it's on physics puzzle maker. The moment I was about to play, I thought to myself, will I ever get out?

Game Play:
Honestly, when you begin to play Jailhouse Escape it seems as something that will have absolutely no challenge, because it seems similar to any other simple mini game made just for art, or one that doesn't even take two minutes to play and make. Well that's what you perceive. As you spot the first enemy, your previous thought will not really change at all. As I was at this point, I thought Dudki had for the first time, made an average game. It's Dudki though, he must have something up his sleeve. When you try to jump over the enemy you realize something. It's not that easy as you supposed. Trying to jump over the cop sounds effortless, but play this game. The placement of the enemies will make you think again.

You will find yourself clicking the glinting yellow retry button over and over, but the good thing is that you do click it, which indeed you do. If you wouldn't click it that would mean the game is boring you. I retried countless times, but I never quit, because Jailhouse Escape is that type of game you can keep restarting with no boring parts you would love to skip, because of the dreadfully challenging but fun gist of the game. The game play is just impressive, but I wonder if the rest of it is this good too.

As you get farther down the levels, it is quite simple to get lost. I got lost multiple times. The only reason you get lost is because of the vast maps Dudki has made. Interestingly though, each time I got lost I found my way back, and on my journey back, Jailhouse Escape was still as fun as ever. As Jailhouse Escape went on, it included more space in the levels, and the challenge of the levels rose. That made it feel like a real game. Not many games have good progressing levels. As I played this game, because of the progressing levels I felt as if I was playing some featured game on a professional website, and it made me feel as if I randomly left sploder and entered another gaming site. For me, that just made it awesome.

The name Jailhouse Escape made me think of “Action”, as of explosions and other catastrophes like that. No, that didn't really happen during the game, and there was barely any action. Jailhouse Escape just basically revolved around challenge and puzzle, and that may get a bit boring after a while. The thing about that is even though it got a tad boring, it was never even close to being boring enough to make you quit. That is unlike many games. What added to keeping you playing also related to the scenery. The scenery made the game look accomplish-able by being two things: Simple and Effective. As I kept playing every now and then the game would spike and something awesome happened, like one of the futile puzzles that did excite me. Eventually it would get back to sort of being the same game again. I guess most games have their good times and bad times.

Story Line:
I want to mention the story line of Jailhouse Escape, because it really surprised me. I imagined the story line as something cliche, like the character breaks out of jail 'cause he wants to be free, but it actually really surprised me. So, your name is Joe and you were affiliated with a gang. The time you have spent in jail has taught you that what you have done with the gang is wrong, so you decide you want a peaceful life. So, you are going to run away to get this peaceful life you dream of. Now here is the thing. I here you asking... "Well wouldn't it just make it worst running away?" That is the point. It is a twist which brings life to Jailhouse Escape and makes it a lot more interesting by adding a whole new atmosphere. Dudki must have really thought through this game. The story line got me quite worried for the character, and made me think deep about the game, also making it feel realistc. Well that was a surely an interesting pinch of flavor Dudki added to the game.

The placements of the enemies irritate you, but they don't just irritate you on a small scale, they irritate you as a little brother pinching your ear as hard as he can. They are placed so you need flawless timing to jump over them, and if you touch them you die. Your timing must be spot-on. When I messed up my timing by just one little movement, I destroyed the momentum and I died. I felt like my insides obliterated from this one mistake, like it mattered on my life. That was an amazing thing Dudki brought to the game. Also, Dudki bought in momentum, which is an element that isn't used much in sploder games, and it enormously effects puzzles.

Technically, the whole idea of enemies in this game relates to puzzles. Now, to show you these good puzzles enemies in action I will give you a scene. *Spoiler Alert*. You are in between two cops who are running from side to side, and you must jump up on to a platform whilst avoiding these enemies. Two things, if you fail the jump, you are practically dead. If you don't get the timing just right, you will miss the chance and a cop will run into you, catching you. Now jumping on to the platform sounds straightforward, but the way that Dudki placed these platforms makes it not that easy to perform, because you either have to jump on an inhuman angle, or do a triple jump. All of the puzzles Dudki added were possible to complete with thought. At the start I thought it was a simple game, but now it feels impossible. *Mood Change*. Even though the puzzles looked dreadfully hard to me, I completed them eventually.

The puzzles in Jailhouse Escape are probably the best thing. In Jailhouse Escape, Dudki made a pattern of puzzles. The puzzles that are used all revolve around timing, skill, patience and knowledge, making the game undoubtedly unique. I noticed that in order to complete the level you had to go down and complete challenges, but then come back up to finish the level. This probably relates to challenge more than the puzzle, but I guess this was deliberate. During going up and down you had to execute triple jumps, that are extremely hard to master. That was just totaling even more to the puzzle and challenge of the game. Many times during the game I felt as the turrets used where puzzles too, doing things that seemed to make the game endlessly harder, but I am not sure if that was deliberate. Also, Dudki added a exceptionally cool feature to Jailhouse Escape, that when you click an inmate you can control them and make them do challenges and puzzles for you. The puzzles were really uncommon and challenged you in a different way to most games, whilst not tying your head into a knot that hurts.

The scenery of Jailhouse Escape matches the mood of a jail, so it is quite hard to judge. Jails are supposed to be vastly dull and sad.

The blue tiles that Dudki designed for the game aren't as I thought the tiles should look, but somehow they even out the rest of the jail with aesthetic grace. The graphics made me have another *Mood Change*, because first it looked different then a jails scenery to me, but now with thought I think it looks aesthetic and graceful with the rest of the jail. The graphics used in the game are very good, and go very nicely with the game, as well as putting a realistic tint overall. So, technically all I have to say about the scenery is that it goes well with the game.



Action: 1/5
Game Play: 4/5
Placement: 5/5
Puzzle: 4/5
Scenery: 3/5
Overall: 17/25

Feature Worthy?
I don't think so. The game was exceedingly fun and most challenging, and the puzzles where superb, but there was very poor action. I found the action quite boring, and I felt that shooting the cops would be a great addition. If Dudki would have included some action and spiced the game up, there would be no question about featuring it. The endless puzzles started to get a bit boring after a while. The only time you actually shoot cops are in the final level. Maybe Dudki could have made more killing scenes or near death experiences to Jailhouse Escape. Otherwise, it was a fantastic game to play.

This game is no doubt one of my favorite games, and no doubt was it good. Dudki is a especially good game creator at his strong points, and has very good games. I highly enjoyed playing the game, and I hope you do too.­­
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Jailhouse Escape Review
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