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 Electric Pirates Review

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PostSubject: Electric Pirates Review   Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:42 am

Electric Pirates is a game made on sploder, a place where you can make your own games.

Game: Electric Pirates by kingpiggy

Game Play:
The game is very well thought out, and is almost interactive with the talking players. The talking players sort of make the story line, and this game is very creative because of that. The first missions are very life like and realistic, like things you would do in real life. I really enjoy that touch. So the game play is very life like, which is hard to find in a game nowadays.

The scenery was average and could have had more pzazz. The detail that kingpiggy added to the game was awesome, but maybe the players could have had graphics or something.

Enemies and Hazards:
There were many enemies and hazards, but they were quite conveniently placed. I thing kingpiggy could have made the placement a ton better by making it inconvenient and challenging.

I know I say this a lot, but this games overall play was pretty much a puzzle. You probably are sitting there going what the hell, but it's hard to explain what I mean by this.

-Game Play

-Enemy placement

Game Play: 4.3/5
Scenery: 2.5/5
Enemies and Hazards: 2/5
Originality and Creativity: 5/5

Overall: 3.4/5

Lovely game, very creative. If kingpiggy makes a next game following the pros and cons of my review, it will be epic.
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PostSubject: Re: Electric Pirates Review   Thu Jul 18, 2013 5:58 pm

Nice review. I may play this once I'm done listening to music right now. Razz
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Electric Pirates Review
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