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 Apply To Be A Reviewer

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PostSubject: Apply To Be A Reviewer   Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:00 am

To become a reviewer on this site, you must post an application.

Just type the title of the game, and try type a at least 220 word review, but you are very likely to get accepted if you write a 500+ word review.

A good review, which has a good length and is perfect as an example:

The lay out should be like:

Pre-Paragraph (like of your thoughts or just anything):
Game Name And Link (If Possible):
Game Play (For example what you see when you are playing it):
Scenery (all the visuals):
Enemies and Hazards (the baddies):
Puzzles (if there are):
Any Other Things You Want To Mention:
Pros and Cons:
Ratings Of Whatever Topics:
Conclusion (what you thought of the game etc.):

Post this layout in a new thread, and wait for me to accept or deny it. If you are denied, you may re-apply for reviewer in 5 days.

Note: I understand many games may not have the details that some paragraphs have, so if your game doesn't match a paragraph, feel free to skip the paragraph.
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Apply To Be A Reviewer
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