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 Fochinard Review

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PostSubject: Fochinard Review   Sun Jul 14, 2013 11:55 am

Fochinard is a game made on sploder, a free gaming website.

This game was made by one of my very good "internet friends", poopai. Lets see what the game holds for me.

Game: Fochinard by poopai

Game Play:
So, the game starts with an intro to the story line explaining what it is, then jumps into a "training" area, where you are shown what to do. Many arcade games on sploder have these, and honestly I think it is becoming to overused. The game isn't that hard that you need instructions, and I think you just get the feel of this game when you play it.

The scenery was quite bland, and there was hardly any of it. More details could have been added to the game.

Enemies and Hazards:
Again, there was not many enemies either, instead there were more hazards. Maybe the game could have been a bit more spiced up.

The game its self is pretty much a puzzle, and there are many puzzles during the game.



Game Play: 2/5
Scenery: 1/5
Enemies and Hazards: 2/5

Overall: 2.7/5

The game is not bad, and honestly it is better than most, but poopai could have done a lot better with making the points I highlighted with more spice. But, poopai has potential.
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Fochinard Review
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